Pregnancy Books for New Moms to Consider

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If you’ve never been pregnant before, it’s easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the wide variety of options staring at you from the bookstore shelves. Staring down the baby, pregnancy, and childbirth section can be quite daunting. It’s difficult to know which books you actually need and which ones are simply being marketed to you in an effort to get you to buy even more baby equipment.

Do you need books about how to teach your baby to read before he’s two? Baby sign language? Baby bicycle carriers? Chances are, you’ll be able to get by with a few basic books added to your library.

Let’s examine several categories of books that you may want to consider, and then you can choose the book in each section that seems to work best for your family.

A Book About Getting a Healthy Pregnancy

You may be trying to conceive or want to know about what to do to have a healthy pregnancy. Books with this information provide general and even in-depth information about the important steps for a safe pregnancy. You can read books such as the one found at

General Book About Infant Development

If this is your first child, you’ll likely need a general book about pregnancy and infant development. These books will help you understand the changes that your body is going through as you proceed through your pregnancy. As your infant grows inside you, you’ll understand what’s happening inside you, what tests the doctors will run, and what type of prenatal care you’ll likely need.

After your infant is born, you’ll know what development is normal, as well as which abnormal things to keep an eye out for. These books may prove to be invaluable to you as your child grows.

Book About Nutrition During Pregnancy

You may also want to purchase a general book about how to eat throughout your pregnancy. This will guide you as to how many calories you’ll need to eat during your pregnancy, since you’ll be eating for two, and will help you understand which nutrients and how many calories you should be taking in.

A Book About Exercise During and After Pregnancy

Once you’ve given birth, you can also use a book like this to help you lose the weight that you’ve gained during your pregnancy so that you can be as healthy as possible.

A Book About Feeding Your Baby

Whether you’ve decided to breastfeed or bottle feed initially, you may also want to pick out a book about feeding infants. Store purchased baby food can be quite expensive, while in many cases, once infants start eating solid foods they can eat pureed food made at home from ordinary table foods.

A book like this will have easy recipes and will guide you through the equipment you’ll need to purchase for your kitchen, as well as what basic foods your baby will be able to eat at various stages as he or she grows and develops. These easy guides can save you quite a bit of money over your child’s life.

If your child has allergies, a medical condition, or another special need, you may need to purchase additional books. Otherwise, you’ll find that this basic library will see you through the first few years and get you well on your way as you begin the adventure that is parenthood.

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